ThE RanDoM iS AWesOmE QuiZ

Alrighty. This may just as well be the most randomest quiz ever in the history of the universe today. I beg you, take it. You will not be sorry. RANDOM TIME!

Okay, peoples. THe results are really super duper ultra triple random, and have absolutely nothing to do with the answers you choose. Okay. THe time is now. Awesomeness Awaits.

Created by: Princess Bigfoot

  1. What's your favorite......CUPCAKE?
  2. What's your favorite....PEN?
  3. kk..the next 3 questions will determine how smart you be. K?
  4. How many steps does it take to get the elephant in the fridge?
  5. How many to put a giraffe in the fridge?
  6. Now, who would win the race? Elephant or Giraffe?
  7. Okaykay, Knowledge questions ovaer.
  8. What is your opinion on googly eyes? You know, the ones used for crafts and such.
  9. What season do you like?
  10. Pick a number, any number.
  11. How random do you think this quiz be. 1-10.
  12. Did you know on that question, 10 is least random, and 1 is most random?
  13. Well, it wasn't. 10 was most random, and 1 was least.
  14. DId I trick yah?

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