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You can be smart, you may not be so smart it doesnt really matter,but are you a genius.A good smart person who can solve problems instantly,or are you a cheater?

You may be a genius, and you also may not be.Do not worry.Try to be smart about who you are and what you do.But think about it, are you a genius? Find out soon.

Created by: justin

  1. At what level does Slugma evolve?
  2. True or false,Carnivine evloves into Cacturne.
  3. What are Giritina's two types?
  4. What number is Mudkip in the pokedex?
  5. Did Ash's Squirtle ever evolve?
  6. Who's bike(s) did Ash's Pikachu destroy?
  7. What pokemon is weak against it self?
  8. What badge does Lt. Surge give away?
  9. Bulbasaur evolves into _________, Charmander evolves into _________, and Squirtle evolves into _________?
  10. How many starter pokemon are there?

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