~* What Pokemon Are You *~

What pokemon are you? Delcatty? Pikachu? Mudkip? Gengar? Take this simple and fun quiz to find out! (awnser honestly please!) I hope you have fun, and make sure you have pro-gigi installed before you take the quiz

-Pro gigi is a software for advanced web pages. Pro gigi is free to download,- So now its all explained here we go! This quiz has been made by me, no stealing, it is property of Tamagotchi_Ninja. Understood? Great!

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  1. 1. A new pokemon joins your team, its stronger and more intelligent than you, and it is picked to be the new leader. Do you:
  2. Pikachu has fallen over and hurt himself badly. Do you?
  3. You like to hang out with Wynaut but your best friend does not like him, and she says she will not be your pal anymore if you don't stop seeing Wynaut. Do you?
  4. . Skitty admires you and is becoming a copy-cat. She buys the food you like, the games, the clothes, she is almost becoming you! What do you do?
  5. A pokemon you really like has asked Butterfree out. Instead of you. Do you...?
  6. You are out camping and Squirtle quickly grabs your last cookie and puts it into his bag.
  7. There's a big party for Halloween and you don't want to go, you're scared. But you don't want to act like a baby and not come, everyone will know that you were too frightened...Do you?
  8. Vulpix is around for tea and he trots upstairs into your bedroom to see what its like. He finds your secret diary, flips through the pages, and starts to read all about your deepest darkest secrets, fears and lots of other private things! You wonder why
  9. While you were going for a stroll, you hear shouts from far away. There is a big pokemon fight! Do you?
  10. You hear that Treeko is in love! Its a great thing to gossip about. Do you?
  11. You want to play 'Scrabble', every minute, every day, with Jigglypuff but he doesn't want to... Do you...?
  12. You are very hungry and wander into shop selling apples and other lovely fruits.You buy a big ripe mango, spending all your money. Then, all of a sudden, you see your friend, Zubat. He's very hungry and stares at you with big, wide eyes. He hasn't got any
  13. You are at Squirtle's house for lunch, munching sandwhiches. You know he doesn't like it when you leave the crusts, but you hate eating them. What do you do?
  14. Your friend wants to steal some battling tools from a shop do you?
  15. Sunflora is not very good at singing and she wants you to help her, as you have a great singing voice. But sadly you are very busy. What do you say to Sunflora?
  16. You and your friends are going out. Everyone wants to go to the beach, but you'd rather go somewhere else. Will you?
  17. Skitty tells you a secret, and you promise not to tell anyone, but its really annoying, you are finding it sooo hard to keep it in...Do you?
  18. A great young pokemon you have really liked for ages, but have been too shy to talk to, suddenly comes up to you with a bunch of pink flowers and asks you if you want to get to know him! Do you?
  19. You have a big crush on Squirtle. You want to tell him how you feel, do you?

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