the quiz of evil black and death

if you want to find out if your evil or have no soul or any of that take this quiz if you want to find out if your going to hell take this quiz and i dont have anything else to say but i need lots of characters(words) so hopefully this is enough

are you evil is your favorite color black are you emo you will like this quiz if your a prep i would stay the f--- away you will take as an insult so hopefully tyhis is enough characters and have fun

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  1. what is your favorite color
  2. have you ever injured someone purposely
  3. have you ever wanted to kill someone
  4. how far will you go to get what you want?
  5. do you like pain
  6. what is your favorite weapon/
  7. do you like your parents
  8. do you like this quiz
  9. do you like your life
  10. do you have many enemies
  11. are you goth punk or emo
  12. what attrbute would you choose earth wind water or fire

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