the quiz of anime

this is the quiz to see if you know about anime ( I am trying to fill up space, I am trying to fill up space, I am STILL trying to fill up space AHHHHHH!!! )

take this quiz if you want to see if you know a lot, ( I AM TRYING TO FILL UP SPACE AND YOU CANT STOP ME!!! NO ONE CAN AT ALL, NOT ANYONE AT ALL!!!! )

Created by: dragon ember

  1. so, what was ash's first pokemon?
  2. what comes after beyblade?
  3. which of these are a real pokemon type?
  4. which one of these characters is obsessed with symmetry?
  5. what is the nickname of this pyrus bakugan?
  6. what character is from hetalia?
  7. which of these are a digimon?
  8. which charatacter has the 8 tailed fox sealed inside him?
  9. what is the mouse type pokemon species?
  10. which character is the main character in one piece, he has a straw hat and is silly

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