The Planets Quiz

There are many people about who are fascinated about the Heavens. Those people can be of all walks of lives, backgrounds and levels of astronomical ability.

Are you a planetary expert. Do you know the physics of the Solar System and have knowledge of surface features of planets. You might be the Patrick Moore of the future!

Created by: mathemania
  1. Which planet of the Solar System is closest to the Earth?
  2. What is the largest planet of the Solar System?
  3. The asteroid belt is between the orbits of
  4. Who discovered the planet Uranus?
  5. What is Pluto's largest moon?
  6. In which year was the last transit of Venus?
  7. In which year did the space probe Voyager 2 visit Uranus?
  8. Which planet of the Solar System has a feature known as The Great Dark Spot?
  9. Which planet of the Solar System is the most featureless of all the planets?
  10. Phobos and Deimos are the moons of which planet?
  11. What is Saturn's largest moon?
  12. What is the brightest magnitude of Venus?
  13. Where is the Cassini Division?
  14. Which two planets of the Solar System have no moons?
  15. How long does it take for the planet Uranus to orbit the sun once?
  16. What is Jupiter's largest moon?
  17. On which planet is Olympus Mons?
  18. On which planet is there a crater called Alpha Region?
  19. What is the faintest planet visible to the naked eye?
  20. Which planet of the Solar System has a purple sunset?

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