How Much do Know About the Planets?

Heads up: This is gladeyen's little brother, and I am crazy about planets! ^.^ But my sister is helping me type up these paragraphs! The real paragraph: Astronomers are great scientists who study outer space. Most of them were already very interested in the planets!

Can YOU be an astronomer? Do you have enough knowledge of the planets to overcome this test? If you do, you will earn my respect and the title of "Little Astronomer" Just kidding, but you will earn my respect!

Created by: gladeyen
  1. Now for the questions, what is the hottest planet?
  2. Which planet is the stormiest?
  3. Is Neptune or Pluto the last planet?
  4. Name the inner planets from first to last.
  5. Is there anything seperating the inner planets from the outer planets? If so, what is it?
  6. Name a dwarf planet BETWEEN Mars and Jupiter. (BTW, this is a tricky one, so don't be upset if you get it wrong!)
  7. Who was the planet Venus named after?
  8. Does Mercury have any water?(ice is also considered)
  9. How many moons does Pluto have?

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