The Nate Quiz!!

Well. It's a test. A test about me. Those who say they know me might, those who don't will only prove themselves. So get ready, get set... it's THE NATE QUIZ!!

It wanted a 2 paragraph description, I mean... it's an online quiz about me. No candy at the end, just the answers and results. I think this was enough of a description. Now you can move on and quiz it up! THE NATE QUIZ!! COMING ATCHA!

Created by: 123456

  1. What time was I born?
  2. How old was I when I knocked my two front teeth out?
  3. How old was I when my two front teeth came back in?
  4. How many months was I on oxygen after birth?
  5. Who's birthday did my oxygen come off for?
  6. What was my birth weight and length?
  7. What's the name if the english soldier who died on October 14, 2003 who inspired James Bond movies?
  8. Who is the tallest in my family?
  9. How many pets have I owned?
  10. When was Berges Trenton Awning started?
  11. Which initials sound better?
  12. How many bones have I broken?
  13. How many drum sets do I own?
  14. Did you enjoy this short quiz?

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