The Musical Quiz

Most people in the world just listen to music for pleasure. Some are die hard music fans. Are you one of these fans. Are you a musical prodigy. A genius in the making. Complete the quiz to find out.

Do you claim to be smart about music. Do you dare to find if you are. With this quiz of 30 MCQ questions you can find out. So go on and do your worst/best

Created by: hvalander
  1. The Track, Courtyard Appocalypse Is From The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Which Of The Following Music Directors Composed This Track?
  2. Which Artist is The Composer of the Teen Wolf Alpha Theme.
  3. B*itch You Better Have my Money Is Sung By Which RnB Songstress?
  4. ___is The Famous Voice Behinde Alive From Stuart little
  5. An EDM artist That Lives Of The Coast Of The Phillipines
  6. Which Of The Following Quailfies As a Song Compeition?
  7. The Famous Bollywood Lyricist Behinde The Success Of Soundtracks Of Super Sucessful Movies Like Race,Dhoom,Aiteraaz,Raaz,36 China Town
  8. Which Artist Does not Feature In 2014s Loyal
  9. Ariana Grande Composed A Song Alongside Major Lazer For Hunger Games 3. True Or Fale
  10. Akons Vocals Featured In a Song From 2011 Super Successfull Bollywood Movie Ra One. Yes Or No
  11. Which two Artists Composed Outside
  12. A famous Eurodance Group From Germany who Provided Vocals For Everytime We Touch And Perfect Day
  13. An Album Called Pink Friday Was Sung By
  14. What Hurts The Most Is a single sung by
  15. Which BoyBand Sung Evergreen
  16. A list of Avirl Lavinge Songs Not Limited to those Below Include Smile,Keep Holding On. Yes Or No.
  17. Afrojack Was part of a combo that composed Gimme Everything 2nite. Yes or No
  18. The Winner Of 2015 Eurovision Contest Is A swedish Artist named
  19. Hindi Song Mera Naam Mary From 2015 Brothers Is Composed By ajay Atul. True Or False
  20. Azerjeban Once Won EuroVision. Which Year Group Did They Win?
  21. Baliando was sung By Enrique And Is A __ song
  22. Which South African Artist Died Of Aids Because She Was a Careless African.
  23. The Theme Song For Watership Down Is Called__
  24. In The 80s A song By Whitney Houston Was Released. Which Of These Songs Are Her Release.
  25. Maroon5 Lead Singer Is
  26. This BoyBand Is Famous For Its Songs Like Story Of My Life.
  27. Which Of These Bands Arnt Functional Anymore
  28. This singer wasn't happy with what he/she Acchevied. Who is this person
  29. A film which relies Heavily On Music
  30. Which Of The Following Singers is Famous For Their Vulgarity?

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