The Mouse Kid Quiz!

Mouse Kid is a very squeaky and happy person that loves to have fun and act stupid. She enjoys going on her computer and talking to people over the internet. Mouse Kid has likes and dislikes and stuff, but the question well do you know Mouse Kid?

Do YOU know Mouse Kid really well? Take this quiz to find out how well you know Mouse Kid. In all, there are fifteen questions. Try to think hard about each question. If you have not even heard of Mouse Kid, don't bother even reading this or take the quiz...

Created by: Mouse Kid
  1. What is Mouse Kid's real name?
  2. What does Mouse Kid look like?
  3. What is Mouse Kid's favourite two colours?
  4. What is Mouse Kid's favourite flavour ice lolly?
  5. Who is Mouse Kid's favourite character from the Pokemon series?
  6. What is Mouse Kid's favourite thing about a dog?
  7. If Mouse Kid had to be a tree, what one would it be?
  8. What is Mouse Kid's favourite Disney film?
  9. What is Mouse Kid's wish?
  10. What letter does the name of Mouse Kid's crush begin with?
  11. What smell makes Mouse Kid sick?
  12. What are Mouse Kid's two pet rats named?
  13. Did Mouse Kid enjoy creating this quiz?

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