Darkness' News (New Series Coming Up, Please Read!)

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What did you think about the quiz image? Cool, huh? Drew it myself ^-^ Who would have thought it'd be so damn hard to draw with a computer mouse, dammit?

Trololol U MAD BRO? Y U NO TAKE MY SERIES?! Congratulations, you just spended one second of your life in reading meaningless garbage! Have a good day!

Created by: DarknessOnMyEyes
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  1. So, I am convinced that most of you people do not know me, but I'm called DarknessOnMyEyes here on GoToQuiz.
  2. I am the author of the probably unknown for most of you series: "The Sea Is A Magical Place"
  3. So... I sincerely apologize for it, but I'm not continuing these series anymore.
  4. Unfortunately, I feel like there is nothing I can work with. I've sincerely tried, but nothing involving those series come to me. I have no inspiration, and I've tried finding some for months, now.
  5. So, I will discontinue with those. Who knows, there is a possibility I might do something with them in the future, but honestly, I do not think I will.
  6. Now, on to the good news (And I can finally stop being polite - it's kinda hard for me)! I hope I haven't bored you to death before, and I hope you're still here. If you're not, like hell I'm letting you get out of this without hearing me. I'll drag you back, I swear.
  7. So, as you might have found out in the title, I'm starting a new series, which will be coming shortly! If you aren't interested, I'll definitely change your mind with this little sneak peak, I hope:
  8. “Can you please take off those cloaks? It’s creepy, talking to someone whose face you can’t see.” I said. “Why, you don’t seem to care about things like that when you wear your masks, do you?” the man retorted. I glared at him. “Oh dear, let’s keep the atmosphere peaceful, yes?” the woman said, taking off her hood. The first thing I noticed was her hair. It was brown with highlights that were different shades of brown. But the sun was still high up in the sky, so it gave her hair a golden shine. Then I looked at her eyes, or rather, eye. The right one was covered by a long bang. Either way, it had the same color as dark honey. “My name is Scarlett Nightshade, and this is my brother, Zuko.” She introduced, as the man, Zuko, took down his hood.
  9. Maybe that didn't sound so good, but it's because I'm in process of writing part 2 yet, so the real action hasn't really started. And no, part 1 isn't out yet. I'll imform you when it is. And I swear, the story is better than that crappy sneak peak.
  10. Might as well tell you a little more about the story. The name is "Black Mirrors and Enchanted Rings", but I am very sure I will change it later on. The sneak peak you just read was from Renna's POV, but Renna's POV will serve like a sort of introduction to the new series. Later on, when I feel like what I wanted to bring out is out, I will introduce a new character, which, of course, will be YOU.
  11. I still haven't come up with a name for the series when YOU come in, but I'll inform you on the last part of "Black Mirrors and Enchanted Rings". I have no idea whether "Black Mirrors and Enchanted Rings" will be long or maybe just five or six parts, so we'll have to wait and see. Well, that was it for now! Bye!

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