The Minecrafters Quiz

This is a quiz that will test your Minecraft intelegence. There might be some misspelled words in here. If you get a score of 85 and higher, you pass!

Welcome to my quiz! I hope you do good on this. Good luck, have fun! I am totally going to cheer good luck to you. I hape you do good. You will do ok!

Created by: Jacob Petronio

  1. Which boss has more health?
  2. What does a Lucky block Lucky Potion look like? (original)
  3. Is there lucky blocks in minecraft?
  4. Should you put your real name as your username?
  5. Here is a riddle you have to solve but has no vowels. m grn wth n rms f y gt t cls t m wll mk yr hs g bm! What am I?
  6. What is the elytra death message?
  7. Can you edit a superflat world?
  8. Are there youtube play buttons in minecraft?
  9. What Item can you not get in the creative inventory?
  10. What enchantment do you want on your sword?
  11. How many biomes are there in Xbox One?
  12. Who is Notch?
  13. Who is Herobrines 2 enemies?
  14. How old is Minecraft?
  15. How many Default skins are there? If you get this right, You unlock the Bonus.
  16. BONUS! Is there such thing as a nether star sword? Answer for 15 was 2. DO NOT answer this if you get 15 wrong. It's FORBIDDEN. Also don't change your 15 answer.

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