The Mer Prophecy (Part 1)

Ok. sooo i must write random words at this beginging.. sooo. here we go: ROBOT ! DANCING! CHOCOLATE! I MUST HAVE BANANA! CRASH! COTTEN CANDY! CANDY! CANSY!? CANDY NOT CANSY ! WHATS WRONG WITH ME!?


Created by: PuffBall

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  1. @Viola Lover: NO I AM THE QUEEN OF PARTY ROCKING!!!!!!!!! >:( @ Aria: awww your such a thoughtful person.. And yes... I am: A WOMAN!!!!.... well girl... I AM A FEMALE.... FEMALE POWER!!! @TheRecklessBam: I was going to do a long ... you know thank you.. but Aria did it.. but I still want to thank you for all your hard work, and also too ALL OF YOU who finished your quiz series while I was gone, but either because my computer was broken throughout the series, because I couldn't comment on these certain ones, or either.. well whatever, or forgotten ur names... @Katana: yes, you and Gabe are going to marry in this quiz series. @ Xxblutixx: I am soo going to call you just Blue because the xx's are too MANY KISSYS!!!!!!!... XD @Faith: you're so faithful @ everyone who is taking this : THANK YA! @ANGELICA4: or must say angelica4 ... and yes... someone did say DANCING!!!!!! WOOT! WOOT! @signing234: you're so sweet @AquaWinter: OHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH... your welcome... :)
  2. I poked him and then- he fell, exactly 1,437 feet down. The wind made my hair swoosh around me, making me have this tingling feeling inside me. I walked out of the bloody room, which was starting to give me the creeps, and looked around the hallway, making sure nobody was there, except ....Blake. I smiled, "Well, thanks for waiting for me, now come on! I don't want any more disturbance of our shopping, especially blood." I put my index and thumb on my nose, making it look like something stank, while I said this. But really, it does, when it comes with killing people, especially with your powers, there is a lot of blood even though it was clean. Blake laughed while we went back to the elevator, and down we go. I know what you're thinking; like- what the beep is happening or- what is going on, what happened. It's a long story, a very long one I must presume. And this story is especially complicated. The only thing I could tell you is this: One upon a time Earth was full of Mermaids, or for short: Mer's. I know, you may think a mermaid is a human that can grow a tail when contact with water. If you think that, then I'm sorry for you because you're wrong, terribly wrong. A Mer is a human that have special powers and a special mind. Yes when we touch water we grow tails, and we can breathe under water. But when we are in the air we grow wings. Do you get what I mean? An Angle and a "˜Mermaid' combined? Well, yes. We are built to survive; if we fall we fly, if we are under water we breathe. Mer's JUST figured out to control and keep in our wings when were dry, but we still have trouble with water. Were still trying to see what we can do mentally to stop the growth of the tail. I guess over the years we got caught by the human's eye, but not anymore, hopefully. So back then when some human's came searching for us, they killed almost everyone. But when we die, our body vanishes, that's why when they come back they have nothing, NOTHING. The Hunters thought they killed everyone- wait a second. Did I tell about the group? Oh I forgot, The Hunters were a group who knew and saw our existence, and they are always blood thirsty for us to be dead. Ok back to the recap. The hunters thought everyone was dead, and they were right. What they didn't know is that only six or these Mer's gets incarnated, but with no memory from the previous life. Remember; always look ahead, not back. "But why and how?" you might say. The six were the king or queen of one element and nobody has more power, we are all equal. The only problem is; they keep killing us. But this time, this lifetime, they will not, because we are ready. We knew who we were before they did. That problem was solved. And then another problem came up, and this wasn't with the hunters, this was our relationship, each sibling turned against each other (well person, we are not actually sister and brothers, just in the same, you know?). That was only when we were 13; 4 years ago. Now I just turned 17, and its summer. And each of us went to alliances; the dark and the light. Look, first of all before your reaction, being in the dark doesn't mean were evil or bad, we just have powers that were more in the darkish zone. And when I mean darkish zone, it's like more meaning for bad, but all our powers are for good and bad, but hopefully you know what I mean. We are now staring daggers at each other, and this was the reason: the dark wants to kill every human and start a new race. The light doesn't want that. – I'm on the dark side, but please stop, don't leave. I want to explain. The human's treated us so badly, that's why. They are so blind of what they can't see, they can't see their love and how much they have. They are ignorance, making them pathetic. They hurt me, emotionally. And I hated it. But before we get to the story, I need to explain one more thing to you. It's just a guide that's all. Well, here it is: ELEMENT: Water- light side- name is Brooke ELEMENT: Fire- dark side- name is Blaise(me) ELEMENT: Lightness- light side- name is Dawn ELEMENT: Air- light side- Areo ELEMENT: Earth- dark side- Adam ELEMENT: Darkness- dark side- Blake... The rest is classified
  3. Now back to my point of view... After ages of laughing and barely touching our food, we were already at our headquarters. And this is a big majestic mansion! That is next to the beach, and is on an island! We, as in me, Blake and Adam, are watching "˜Extremely loud and incredibly close' the movie on the TV. I started tearing up realizing that I was exactly like Oscar, doing what Oscar does, you know when I was little, before I changed. Blake quickly squeezed me, noticing my tears, and started softly whispering kind soothing words next to my ears. I soon calmed down, but then I was taken in a long mystical sleep. *Dream* I was in a memory. I knew what this was. It was when we turned, turned over our friendship. I was running, tears ran rapidly down my face, I was screaming my pain out. It was raining and I was out in a forest under my favorite tree. I then heard footsteps. I peaked from my arms and soon found myself curled up in Blake's arms, crying. It's horrible, the pain was unbearable. Blake was trying to calm me, it worked, but it didn't stop my sadness, the emptiness. I boon him, you know for him being there. If he wasn't, then I would have been destroyed. No not destroyed, I would have turned into destruction. All through that night we were both curled up in a blanket, just laying there in each other's arms, embraced in protection, in care. I was best friends with both Adam and Blake, aside from the friendship of the others. Adam was back at the mansion trying to explain of my actions, but the others didn't understand the cruelty the people or I must say the human's have done to me. I hated myself for being just me. The rumors they passed on at school, all the people whispering, all the people staring and sneering. I wasn't dauntless or myself at that time. The dream ended with me screaming at the others, saying that I hated them. And fire going all over, everywhere. Then, I woke up.
  4. I dragged myself out of bed, did my morning routine and went to the kitchen. The sun was outside warming up everything. Adam and Blake were laughing, I raised my eyebrow. "Now, what did you two do?" I asked as I ate my delicious pancakes. "Well, you know me; telling jokes." Adam said, giving me a mischievous smile. I rolled my eyes. "Never mind about that, I'll find out soon. Where to now? Remember we have three more weeks till summer is O-V-E-R!" I was half done with my pancakes. And Blake cupped his right hand to Adams ear and whispered something I have no reach to hear. I started to get suspicious. What are they doing? Then they just looked at me, staring at me. I narrowed my eyes, "What is it?" They quickly sneaked a glance at each other. Then I realized what was happening. I widened my eyes and started to run, but I was too late to react. I already felt Blake's shadow teleportation, and I was soon soaked with water. "YOU GUYS!" I yelled, obviously I was angry. I scrambled out of the pool and quickly dried myself up. The water was COLD! Ice cold I must say. They were right in front of me, laughing their heads off. I smiled, so they wanted to play like that? I fire teleported behind them, and quickly pushed them before noticing me. "AHHHHH!" SPLASH! They came to surface and spitted out water. "Dude I think we just got owned." Blake said, getting out of the water. Now I was the one laughing. They soon joined me.
  5. I know I had the possibility to go everywhere I wanted, the whole universe even, but right now I was at my favorite place of all. I walked through the peaceful park; I could feel the energy of all plants, the life. I slowly sat down under a beautiful tree, on the soft gentle grass. I closed my eyes, I felt relaxed. I pulled out my IPod, stopped halfway. I was too terrified, you know why? I felt it. The presence, it felt too familiar. I opened my eyes and looked around, I realized my eyebrows were pressed together; I was worried; worried if she can sense me too. I looked more closely and then I spotted her, I felt the feeling spreading everywhere in me. She even looked familiar. She had the same blue calm eyes and brownish black hair pulled into a bun, but kind of making it look part of it golden because of the sun last lights of the day. She was talking to a girl who soon went away. She then sat down on a bench and took out a book. What was it? I don't know, but I LOVE reading, Blake just said to stop for a week. What I am thinking, I should think if she will see me. I looked around nervously; I put on my ear plugs and turned on my music. I will just check on her for a while. I then closed my eyes again. After five minutes I opened my eyes again, I looked at her, and I was about to peal my eyes away when she had that confused look in her eyes. She looked around; I knew she was searching for that sense of familiarity. I froze when she looked past me. Good th- we locked eyes. A deep awful feeling started to control me. We stared at each other till I had the energy and power to look away and teleport out of there.
  6. I was in front of the mansion when I let out air. I was holding my breath, whoa. I looked around, nope just the beach. I opened the door and plopped into a couch in the living room. I still can't believe I saw Brooke today. It struck me as odd. It's been a long time- I wonder what she is thinking now. Never mind about her, what about school. Or I should say home school. It's not the school you think about. It's actually reading our ancestry books that was left for us and practice our self defense and powers. So, technically we teach ourselves. I sighed, I'm too fatigued to continue being awake. So I let my bones relax, and close my eyes into a blank sleep.
  7. It's been three weeks already and boy, time goes fast! It was a windy day, and probably 90's. The sun was setting with its usual paintings. I walked outside and slowly sat down on the soft sand. After a little while Adam and Blake came out, sitting right beside me. We all stared off to the distance, "Do you wonder? You know, how the others are doing. And will this be over?" I asked, trying to organized how many birds I hear. Adam looked at me as if I said something wrong, something..... Unreal. I looked back at him; his green eyes sparkled in the last rays of light. "I don't know. We might never." I looked at Blake, he has been quiet today. He sighed, "Well, we don't know that." He shook his head, "No, it's just a mystery we must uncover." He gave me one his smile, a mischievous one. "What do you mean?" I asked, turning for Adam, for an explanation. "Oh..." Adam then smiled. "Oh now I get it!" I looked at him, confused. What does he mean? I looked for Adam for an answer, "Blake means that this calls for an ADVENTURE!" We laughed. "So what's the plan?" I smiled. Now, don't they know I always have one?
  8. We never bothered doing this. We never bothered because; first we still don't have the stone, second is we hadn't killed off the hunters yet, and third is we hadn't listed ALL of the others weaknesses. What we're doing now is transferring almost all our energy into Adam so he would feel all the nature and earth around him, so he can locate where the others headquarters are. The reason it would take a little while is, well, earth is BIG. It was already twilight when I gotten back outside with pillows and blankets. If this was going to work, then Adam must be in an area as close to plants and earth as possible. So we decided to camp right in the forest behind us. Because, when Blake and I transfer our energy in him, I don't think there will be enough time before we past out of exhaustion, walking back to the house I mean. We just finished setting our tents up, walked in the circle Blake drawn out with his stick. Blake nodded, "Are you ready?" Is he dumb or something? "I always am." I looked at Adam, "But are you ready?" He smiled, "Excellent." We all joined hands and I started concentrating my energy into Adam. After about a couple of second later I felt the wind picking up. I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful fire of all colors circling around us. This is my energy. Not long after Blake's energy started circling around us; all kinds of black. He then opened his eyes, and it was glowing a purifying color of midnight black, and I'm guessing I'm glowing my color as well; orange fire with a tint of red. Seconds after Adam's energy surrounded us; Nature green. His eyes were forest green, with tints of brown. All of our hair were growing also, and flying all around, maybe making look weird. I breathed in and out as the energy escaped me. Then suddenly; our energy combined all together and went blazing up, mixing with the clouds.... I didn't believe it. Oh of course it would. After a long while of this, it suddenly stopped. I let out a gasp of how light I felt. I slowly walked into my tent, not wanting to open my eyes. I fell under the covers. Before I fell asleep, I managed to say; "Did you find it?" I perked my ears. "Yes we did," Adam barely whispered.
  9. Ok guys, I just want to leave it at that, and then I'll make it way longer, it was short I know, but only because I wanted your opinions. And I also want to ask u guys if I should keep on doing my other quiz series Fearless.... I don't know. It sucks. I want to know your comments please! And also I must ask you: what do think might happen next in the series... or......what u want to happen than I will switch and mix that.. and make it surprising.. *mischievous smile*
  10. Ok this is the last question ... now move on... Comment? Rate? please?

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