The Medicine cats love part 3

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In this one you get to see some sparks fly just warning you there is some action so be prepared and all you NightstarxKindheart fans I AM SORRY!!!!!!!

so um yeah we have to write to paragraphs and i dont have anything else to say soooooooo num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num

Created by: Grapejuice
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  1. did you do part 1 & 2? if not go do them now! or you will not understand a single thing
  2. (time skip all the clans now about your change to warrior)Nightstar himself said that he would help you become a warrior pretty soon you can hunt and fight. however you can never actually bring yourself to hurt a cat. you have seen injury's and cats dying you just cannot inflict that much pain on a cat. Nightstar however does not care. then one day Darkheart came up to you He said in a suspiciously soft voice "Kindheart would you like to go hunting with me? they fresh-kill pile could use some restocking." you have no choice but to agree as you pad on you think
  3. Finally you are deeper in the woods. suddenly Darkheart stops. he looks at you with a gleam in his eyes. then he knocks you off your paws he has you pinned down. he purrs and says in a silky voice "You know Kindheart your a nice sensible cat. have you thought of taking a mate?" you try to get up but he is to strong. he leans closer and roughly licks you on the cheek. "don't worry i won't hurt you. I was just thinking that you would want a strong mate who can protect you." his claw slides down from your throat to your stomach it does not draw blood but it does give you a sting. before you can move a familiar blur of orange and yellow jumps on top of Darkheart thrusting him off you. the two cats tussle and finally Darkheart breaks free. he growls "I will get you to be my mate Kindheart. You will regret the day you denied me." with that he ran off the other tom turns around and you immediately recognize Flamebrush you
  4. after you thank him Flamebrush explains why he was here. "when i denied Brackenfoot's request to be her mate. she accused me of liking you she had managed to convince the leader to kick me out because i had betrayed my clan. so I came here i was hoping maybe i could join Shadowclan and well see you" you smile and take him to Nightstar. Nightstar looks at Flamebrush with disgust and hate. but he agrees if you will fight in a battle and this time promise to not heal any cat. (you helped a cat who had a rat bite after resigning your med cat position) you agree and try not to bristle as you show Flamebrush to his nest Blueriver bumps into you. "oh sorry Kindheart. I'm surprised i din't see you. you know with how pretty you look I mean um er i have to er go." you think
  5. That night Flamebrush sleeps next to you but you also realize that Darkheart had not returned you decided to check it out in the morning. As you slept you dreamed about
  6. The next day you decide to go patrolling with Flamebrush and Blueriver the clan figured that Darkheart had run away. they where glad they never really liked him he didn't do anything bad he was just mean and some thought he liked to see others in pain. As you patrolled a sudden smell caught your attention it was a group of rogues you called Blueriver and Flamebrush over there where 3 rogues so you guys decided to attack. however when you came face to face with the rogue you couldn't bring yourself to hurt him. not when you knew what injuries do to cats the rogue knocked you out. before you fell into darkness you yell
  7. When you wake up you hear voices outside the medicine den it's Nightstar, Flamebrush, and Blueriver! you listen to their conversation. Blueriver:I hope she's all right! Flamebrush:She has to be! please let her be all right... Nightstar:She will be fine she trained Mossleaf well Flamebrush: *hiss* If it wasn't for you this wouldn't have happened. Nightstar:How dare you it was not my fault! Blueriver:it kinda was.. Nightstar:HOW!!! Flamebrush:YOU MADE HER A WARRIOR!!! she trained as a medicine cat. she knows how much pain other cats get from injuries because of THIS SHE CAN'T FIGHT! SHE COULD DIE!!! suddenly they heard you getting up and saw you getting out of the den. they all rushed to help you. you ask for help from
  8. Whichever cat you chose smiled in delight and help you to your nest. Flamebrush then came over to lie next to you. he licked your ear gently and said "I'm glad your okay i was really worried i would lose you" you purr and fall into a deep. When you wake up you see Flamebrushe's nest empty. Blueriver was looking at you. when he saw you where awake he smiled and mewed "Kindheart your up! i'm glad your okay! come on share some prey with me."as you leave the den you eat some prey with Blueriver later that day you walk by the apprentices den you hear coughing. you rush in and see Shadepaw laying on his side coughing hard his sides heaved with the effort you quickly take him to the medicine den. before you can go in and help Nightstar stops you he said "you gave up being a medicine cat let Mossleaf handle this. you look up at him and cry desperately "But he has blackcough i must take care of him!" Nightstar bars your way saying no matter what he has you are not allowed to help as you walk away you can't help but think
  9. As you wait outside waiting for the news of how shadepaw was doing you can't help but think of your own family. your mother had died after giving birth because she had Black cough your brother and sister same thing you where lucky to survive your dad died in a battle because his wound would not heal. that's when you decided that you must be a medicine cat. you couldn't believe that Nightstar took that away from you. Suddenly a cry came from the den you and Nightstar rushed in. Mossleaf was beside Shadepaw. Shadepaw was rithing on the ground in agony his body still shaking from coughing. Mossleaf looked to you "I can't heal him! I don't know what to do for black cough!" she sobbed in dispair. you ignore Nightstars tug and rush to the apprentices side. you take out some catmint and juniper berry's and mix them together after that you throw in some horstail as you feed the apprentice you instruct Mossleaf to massage his stomach.after an hour or so of this treatment Shadepaw begins to relax you bring him some water and he sleeps soundly his body was still racked with the occasional cough but the worst was over. when his mother Shivernose came in to check on him she thanked you in relief and once the clan heard they cheered but that also made them realize even more that you should be a medicine cat. however Nightstar ignored their pleas (and yours)
  10. The next day Flamebrush comes up to you and says "Kindheart I think you know that i really like you and well i want you to at least think of maybe being my mate." he looks at you with hope you
  11. That is it for this time did you like this quiz so far?

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