The Marriage Project Quiz

Thanks for taking The Marriage Project Quiz! This fun quiz will help you gauge how your marriage is going. There are ten questions to have some fun with below.

Fill out the questions below and then be sure to join us for our new series, The Marriage Project, starting August 10th. It will be a great experience and help you to focus on your marriage.

Created by: Mountain Lake Church
  1. When we are apart, it feels like a breath of fresh air.
  2. Romance is definitely still a part of our relationship.
  3. My spouse can't stop thanking me for all the things I do in this relationship.
  4. My spouse listens respectfully, even when we disagree.
  5. Money? Oh, we never fight about money.
  6. At home, we spend most of our time doing our own thing.
  7. Sometime, when my spouse says he/she is sorry, I don't think he/she means it.
  8. I believe that we truly help each other fulfill one another's purpose.
  9. Work rarely interferes with our marriage and our family.
  10. We are headed toward the best years of our marriage!

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