Is your marriage happy? - for women

Welcome to a marriage quiz for women. I'm a woman, married with kids, and have a husband I like and love. Did I mention this is marriage #2 ??? I've had the bad and now I'm in the good. Where are you at?

Check it out and see if the quiz gives you some focus and insight. Good luck with all you do, and maybe doing this will open some doors for you. Look deep on your inside for the real answers and never forget.....your brain is way smarter than your heart.

Created by: Lis
  1. How do you feel when your husband gets home for the day?
  2. The ratio of care for children, when the family is together, is....
  3. Assuming you're both at home when it's time for bed, do you go to bed at the same time?
  4. Is sex...
  5. When you need something done around the house, odd jobs, fix a window, move a dog house......and you ask him to move/fix something that day, does he.....
  6. When you want to talk about the marriage, is he.....
  7. Are you....
  8. Do you think you husband is faithful?
  9. Can you cheer him up when he's down?
  10. Does your husband do drugs, legal or not, and/or drink to excess?
  11. Does you husband play mind-games and/or lies?

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Quiz topic: Is my marriage happy? - for women