The Mark Todd Knowledge Quiz

So now you have read though the website and Hopefully socked in the knowledge and Facts about Mark Todd so you can take this quiz to see if you have.

SO you think you know everything about Mark Todd and his Horses Now well lets see if you do so take this quiz and see if you are and if you get some wrong it doesn't matter its just for alittle bit of Fun

Created by: Jean Allan

  1. What Year did Mark Todd make an Olympic Comeback
  2. What was the main cause of NZB Gandalf Death
  3. What Magazine published the Story about Mark Todd Being Gay
  4. What Age did Charisma die
  5. What is Mark Todd Middle name
  6. What year was the Athens Olympics
  7. What is Mark Todd Wife Name
  8. What was the main reason that Mark Todd euthanised Charisma
  9. What Date and Year Was Mark Todd Born
  10. Where Does Mark Todd Live in-between Times

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