The Love They Couldn't Let Die 2

Chase,Jacques,Steven,and Antonio are the guys trained to protect you and help you.But will they become more than just that to YOU??find out in this romance action that will leave your head spinning.hope i dont sound too much like morgan freeman telling you about a movie.hehe

ok since i've been sooo bored and school is getting really close and ill be really busy im trying to get them out there quickly but ill slow down.I loved making it and i hope you guys enjoy taking it.this is a pretty intense one if i do say so myself

Created by: Alicia
  1. "What do you mean,special?" You gaze at Antonio."Your a princess,from a royal bloodline.You were sent to keep the shadows from the light"
  2. "A princess!"you shout,Jacques squeezes your hand. "Yes and we are all created to protect you from the highest shadow there is Caliga which is Latin for darkness"you gape and he continues "We were instructed by our head to come get you.I myself have been watching you for as long as i could.Now your in danger."
  3. "danger!no,no,no!Im outta here."you launch yourself out of the bed but jacques is quicker and holds you before you can get away. Antonio keeps talking like there wasn't ever a breech."So now since we can't keep you safe like we have been we're going to have to teach you all we know to try to keep you safe.Each of us has a specific ability that got us chosen by Control,our organization"
  4. "I create,i can take any object you have and turn it into something completley different"he shows you by turning his book into a knife."Stevens is-" steven buts in "hey I can speak for myself,i jump i can make one persons thoughts anothers including my own" he bosts with a smug smile."I Prove, I can show you where anyone is at anytime"Chase look to Jacques who has yet to tell you.he blushes"i Enlighten, I can see what anyone does and what they will do plus the reasoning behind it.almost like seeing the future"quick pick a power!!
  5. "what can i do?"you ask they all look nervously at each other."well nothing" chase tells you."then how am i going to keep away the shadows?"its a bloodline thing just being you keeps them at bay,but since your not really using the power of the bloodline the shadows are running wild.Great job queeny"he tells you and you giggle
  6. "what about when you guys like jumped in and stuff?"Steven steps forward "that is just a side thing a little extra to keep you extra safe."he winks at you."we also all speak a different language.mine clearly French"Jacques speaks on his own"Italian,"antonio says."German,"Steven says."Japanese,"chase smiles and bows.
  7. "good thing i speak spanish or else i'd be even more usless."your not usless! jacques whispers."thanks" you whisper back."uhh,im kinda hungry do we have any food?" "hell yeah,comw tih me."steven tells you and grabs your hand. as you leave you hear Antonio telling you that you start training with Chase tomorow
  8. he walks you down the stairs into an amazing kitchen.His hand raps around your waist "so what are you hungry for?eggs,cereal,me,bagel?"you raise your eybrow at him as he pulls down a box of coco puffs!hehe."so are you doing ok?"he asks as he gets you a bowl."yeah,but its all so overwhelming"you sigh and steven comes over and hugs you"it'll be okay, i promise"
  9. *BANG!*the loudest noise youve heard since your cousin farted in church will the priest was praying echos through the house.Steven ridges around you pushing you behind him in a protective stance as all the guys appear,float,and jacques runs faster than light.
  10. Suddenly as smoke peels away wakes in one of THE hottest guys.HE has a smirk on his face

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