The long road to HARRY POTTER!

There are A LOT of Harry Potter fans out there! Some are bigger fans then others. So wether you are a crazy (kinda scary) Harry Potter fan, or a person who your friend forced you to do this it's Okay it's all for fun!

But STILL! Lets see just how 'smart' you think you are! With these easy (very easy) questions you will not only have to remeber things but..... Maybe even do math to find the answer! I know you are most likly thinking ''OH NO! NOT MATH!!'' but it's easy I promise!! :) I'm not THAT mean :p Anyway, Have fun and enjoy the show!

Created by: classstudent

  1. How many house's does Hogwarts have?
  2. Who was the 'leader' of the Muradeurs?
  3. How was Harry's first Hogwarts letter adressed?
  4. In the books how many House Elfs did harry encounter?
  5. How do you enter the Hogwarts kitchens?
  6. In the Goblet of Fire, how much younger was harry from the age limit?
  7. Who gives harry his invisibilty cloak?
  8. How many times have we heard Harry in Hogsmead?
  9. Who told Harry to use the Prefects Bathroom to find out what the egg was saying?
  10. Who says "Ronald, you have the emotional range of a teaspoon!"
  11. How many Hogwarts Headmasters were there when harry went to school?
  12. How many people stayed in the boys dormitory with harry? (including harry)

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