The life between magic & boys Pt. 20

Welcome to part 20! (: So this one is more with Patch, and getting to know him. So for the ones who are Patch fans, your welcome (: and if you don't like him. Sorry :p

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You spent the day helping Tyler clean the deck. Later on the guys went to his place to play COD, but you went back to change. You decided to go back the Jake's.
  2. You arrive at Jake's and knock on the wooden door. No one answers. You were about to knock again when you were stopped by a voice. Your heart dropped, and you instantly froze. All the voice said was. "What are you doing here?". You didn't move a muscle. 'Oh my god. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD.' You panic in your head. You slowly begin to turn around thinking of something you can say, but then you see who it is. Patch was standing there arms hanging down by his side, his hands balled into a fist, as if he were about to punch something. "Uh..." You stood there staring at him. "Why are you here?" He asks you. "I could ask you the same thing." You reply not giving in. "Right now isn't the best time to be a smart ass." He replies taking a step towards you. "I'm not. Its a simple question, that deserves a simple answer." You reply taking a step back. "Answer my question first. What are you doing here?" Patch asks again. You didn't know if he knew that Jake lived here, maybe you could make up a lie. "I'm returning something." You say. It technically wasn't a lie so you were safe. "What were you returning?" He asks. "No. My turn to ask a question. Why are you here?" You ask quickly. "I was actually walking back to my room which happens to be on the fourth floor too." He smirks, because he knows it wasn't the answer you were expecting.
  3. "Oh.. What room?" You ask just to make sure hes not lying. He crosses his arms and leans up against the wall. "So your trying to stalk me now?" He grins at you. "No, I'm just asking." You say. "So you want me to show you my room?" He winks at you. "No. I'll just wait for Jake." You reply and instantly regret saying his name. You see Patch's body stiff up and go rigid. 'Oh crap.. I just gave myself away' you say to yourself. "Your here to see HIM?" He says staring straight into your eyes. "I- Uh- Well yeah.." You say staring right back. "Are you crazy?" Patch says, still staring at you. "Do you not know who he is? What hes willing to do?" Patch asks taking two steps towards you. "I know hes willing to protect me and isn't some crazy guy I don't know like you." You reply taking a step back but get stopped because Jake's door is right behind you. Your back is pressed against his door, and Patch is two feet away from you.
  4. "Protect you?" Patch scoffs and looks away. "he doesn't care about anybody but himself." He says turning back to you. You study Patch. Why was he talking about Jake like he knows him? "What do you even know about Jake? You act like you know him." You reply staring straight at him. "You could say that." Patch says looking out a window in the hall. "What don't I know about you. Who are you?" You ask taking the risk. "That's a story I don't have time to explain." He says turning back to you. "Don't bother. I don't want to know it, and I don't want anything to do with you. Just stay away from me. If Jake says your the bad guy, I'm going to believe him because I know him more then I know you." You reply and start to walk away. "What lies has he filled your head with?" He asks as you walk away. "Lies? He told me everything!" You reply with anger, turning back to face him.. "Really. Everything huh? Did he tell you how after you left last night he talked to Erika." Patch said staring straight into your eyes. "What? Erika? No. Your lying... Jake hates her.." You say staring at the ground. "Hates her? Maybe. But he still talks to her. So did he tell you about that?" He replies. "No.." You say looking down. Your face was getting hot. You felt hurt. You felt angry and lied to. it made you feel dumb. "Look it's not your fault he's a lying scumbag. I don't know what he told you about me, but I'd prefer you actually get to know me and not listen to any lies hes told you." Patch says leaning against the wall.
  5. "You know I'd say yes, but your probably going to end up lying to me too." You say looking back up at Patch. "See, the difference between me and Jake is, I don't lie. I may not tell you everything, but I don't lie." Patch say staring at you. "What are you trying to say?" You ask. "I'm trying to say we should hang out. You know me, you, a place, talking like normal people?" Patch say giving you a soft smile. It gave your butterflies. "I don't know. You don't seem normal to me." You laugh. "Ouch." He laughs back. "I guess. When and where?" You ask. You see him reach into his back pocket. He pulls out a pamphlet, you recognized it. It was the one Patch was reading last night. He handed it to you. "Uh what's this?" You ask staring at it. "It's a dinner thing for some rich lady. I don't want to go alone. Beside you can't say no. You owe me one." He says as if you should remember, but you didn't. "Owe you? From what?" You ask. "I told the guys you went shopping last night when you were really with Jake." Patch's expression got a little rough when he said Jake. "Oh yeah.. I forgot to say thanks." You say looking up at him. "Don't need to. All you have to do is come with me to this dinner and were even." He gives you a smile.
  6. "Well I am kind of hungry.." You say just as your stomach growls. "I noticed." He smirked. "What do I have to wear?" You ask realizing your probably not best dressed for something fancy. "A dress." He grins even bigger. "A DRESS?" you groan. "What? It's a high class party." He laughs. "Well I need to go back to the room to change. and what do I do about the guys? I told them I'd be back." You look around to see if there's a clock. Of course there wasn't though. "Just tell them you feel asleep of something." Patch replies. "I guess, and uh we should go before.. Uh- Jake.. comes back." You reply feeling a little angry again. "Yeah I don't want to have to beat him up for lying to you." Patch laughs and opens the hallway door for you.
  7. After a few minutes you reach your room and walked in. "Wait here, I'll go see what I can wear." You say to Patch who just lays on the couch like he lives here. You walk into the room and check out your closet. After rummaging through a few of your suitcases you found nothing. "crap.." you walked over to a bag you didn't notice before. You opened it up and pulled out something long and black. You stood up and held out the item in front of you for a better view. It was a classic little black dress. It looked amazing, and the cloth was silk. You switched out of your old clothes and slipped on the dress, which fit you perfectly. You walked into the bathroom to go do your hair. To your surprise you were actually having an amazing hair day. Your hair was in long loose curls, which looked amazing with the dress. "Holy crap. Just my luck!" You laugh amazed at how good you look. You put on some make up and brushed your teeth. You walked out of the bathroom more then satisfied, you felt really confident with how you looked. You walked back into your bedroom and chose to wear a pair of black high heels. Which happened to make the outfit complete. You put the heels on and walked out of the room.
  8. You walk out and notice Patch isn't on the couch anymore. You walk into the kitchen and see nobody. "Patch?" You call for him. You walk back out to the living room. "Patch?" You yell out again. "What?" You hear him yell back from a distance. "Where are you?" You say. "I'm changing hold on." He says still far away. "Well okay.." You say pacing around. You didn't feel like sitting down. You walked over to check the time. It was 5:42. "Wow... How are YOU.. MY date? You look... AMAZING." You hear Patch's voice and turn around a little startled. He was full on checking you out, head to toe. It made you feel awkward so you sat down on a stool by the kitchen. You stared back at Patch, who was also dressed up. He was wearing black dress pants, and a light blue dress shirt, which looked really good on him. His dark hair and eyes made him look super attractive and intriguing. You could smell him and he smelled REALLY good. It sort of made you want to just run up to him and kiss him. "Thanks, you don't look back yourself. I almost didn't recognize you with out your bad boy look." You laughed. "Hey, don't let looks fool you." He smirked at you. The thought of Jake popped up when he said that. You were just so attracted by his looks. oh yeah. and his big scheming, lying, fake personality. You couldn't believe you feel into his trap. Thankfully Patch pulled you out of it. Patch. There's just something about him. He makes you want to kiss him at one moment, but then choke him at another. He was quite an interesting person. Attractive, too. "Well we should head out, the dinner starts at six." Patch said walking over to the door, opening it for you. "Thanks." You blushed and walked out.
  9. You walked out and Patch shut the door behind you guys. "Where did you get your clothes from?" You ask realizing Patch didn't leave to go anywhere. You would of heard it. "I guess you were so mad you didn't realize the backpack I was wearing." Patch laughed. "Oh.." You reply waiting in front of the elevator. "Is this dinner party thing in the dining hall?" You ask as Patch hits the up button. "Hell no. It's on the fourth floor, where all the rich stuff is at." He grins. "Hold on. How did you get invited to it?" You ask out of curiosity. The elevator dings as the doors slide open. "I have my ways." Patch winks at you and walks into the elevator. "Okayyyyyy.." You stare at him and follow him in. The elevator shoots up faster then usual and stops at the fourth floor. The doors slide open and you walk out, following Patch. "So who's dinner party is this?" You ask walking side by side with Patch. "The girl who's obsessed with me.." Patch laughs. "Wait what? Stalker girl who's in love with you? What if she attacks me?" You say playing a scenario in your head. "I mean, your her future husband remember?" You laugh. "Don't bring that up. If she see's me with you, she won't bother me again. Besides she has nothing on you." Patch turns over to look at you and smiles. You walk down a hallway you've never seen before, and automatically know your where the richer people stay because it looks WAY classier, and has more decorations that look old and expensive. You continue to walk down the hallway, and you being clumsy and everything, happen to trip and fall forward towards a vase. Which luckily caught you from falling on your face, but broke. "Oh crap.." You say looking over at the giant vase that was up to your belly button. "Just put this there and.. stay... STAY.." You awkwardly put a piece of the broken vase on the top of it and walk away. Of course Patch was laughing super hard at you. "Shut up. Keep walking.." You grab his arm and lead him forward. After walking further into the hall you arrive to two wooden doors that are opened up. You walk in and see a dim room full of people who were sitting at large oval tables that were covered with white silk, and set with the classy china sets. "Name?" You jump and see a waiter standing there. "Oh.. uh.. Patch tell him your name." You say and feel dumb because your just said his name. "Uh.." Patch leans in a whispers something. "Oh of course. Right this say sir." He walks over to the far back of the room and waits for you to sit. Patch pulls out your chair for you. "Thanks." You sit down and he walks over across from you. "Tonight the our lady is serving lobster, hors d'Ĺ“uvres, caviar, and steak." The waiter says to you. Patch nods at him. "What would you like?" The waiter asks. "Steak." Patch grins. "and for your lady sir?" Patch grins even bigger when the waiter called you his lady. "Uh no.. I'm no-." Patch cuts you off. "What do you want to eat?" He asks hiding a smile. You sigh. "Uh I'll go with the.. the.. uh I guess I'll try the lobster." You reply not knowing what the heck lobster taste like but you'd try it out anyway. The waiter nods and walks off.
  10. As soon as the waiter leaves Patch lets out his laugh. "What's so funny?" you ask. "I don't know. You just make me laugh." Patch smiles at you. "Well I have always wanted to be a comedian you know." You reply sarcastically. You see a girl your age walking towards your table. You recognized her. "You have got to be kidding me. She's here?" You groan. "Who?" Patch says. "The girl that's walking towards our table.." You nod your head in her direction. "Rachel? How do you know her?" Patch asks raising an eyebrow. "Well we've had a couple of unpleasant encounter before." You say. It was the girl you saw with Cory one day at the water park, and then again when she stepped on your foot at a party. "Rachel? How do YOU know her?" You ask Patch. "That's the girl that's obsessed with me!" Patch says sinking into his chair. "No way! SHES the girl?" You ask. "Yup." Patch replies. She was wearing a blue dress that was a couple sizes two small, and about five inches to short. "So much for classy." You say under your breath. She walks right past you and goes up to Patch. "Hey.." He says twirling her blonde hair, fluttering her fake eyelashes at Patch. "Hi.." Patch replies not making eye contact. "I'm glad you could make it." She giggles. "Yeah, wouldn't miss the food. I mean your party.. yup the party.." Patch says, and it makes you laugh. "So did you bring a friend like I told you?" Rachel asks, not noticing you yet. "Yeah, uh this is my DATE ____." Patch points at you. She turns her head in your direction and instantly her face scrunches up. "eww, HER? I meant a friend as in a guy!" She says turning her whole body towards you. "Well I guess she is considered a guy." She says in a screechy voice. "Why hello Rachel, nice to see you too." You give her a fake smile. "I didn't know the party was for who wore less clothing. I would of dress a little slutier like you, darn." You still keep a smile on. She scoffed at you and turned back to Patch. "I'll be back babe." She leaned in a kissed Patch on the cheek.
  11. "I see you two are good friend." Patch says staring at you. "Best friends in fact." You fake another smile. "How do you two know each other?" He asks. "Long story short. She hates me because her boyfriend was hitting on me so now every time she see's me she likes to give me hell." You say. "Boyfriend? I didn't know she had a boyfriend." Patch says. "Yeah his name is like Cody, wait no Cory." You reply. "Oh that kid. He was hitting on you?" Patch says and shifts in his seat. "Yeah, but I told him and his little mutt off." You laugh. "I would of like to see that. I see your on the feisty side." Patch grins. "Just a little." You hold up your index finger and thumb. "This should be a fun night then." Patch says. "I'll try to keep things interesting." You laugh.
  12. "Good. because Rachel makes things annoying and boring." Patch says. "Sluts these days." You laugh. "Your food sir." The waiter comes up with two giant plants at sets one in front of you and then Patch. The lobster was huge. It sort of creeped you out because it was sort of just staring at you. "Thank you." Patch says and the waiter walks off. You sat there and stared back at the lobster while Patch started eating the steak. "It's dead you know." Patch laughs. "I know but it keeps staring at me..." You say not taking your eyes off the lobster. "What about now." Patch leans over and pokes off the eyes with a fork. "EWWW!" You laugh. "How do I eat this?" You ask Patch. "Well you take a piece of it and put it in your mouth and then chew it and swallow it." Patch says smiling. "You know what I mean." You say poking the lobster with the fork. You eventually figured it out because Patch showed you how. You both finished eating and the waiter came and took your plates. They began playing music awhile ago and it was interesting music. "What do we do now?" You ask. "You said you don't like Rachel right?" Patch asks you. "I sure as hell don't." You reply. "Well how would you like to piss her off?" He asks. "I'd love it." You smile. "Great, then your going to dance with me." Patch stands up and walks over in front off you. "I don't know.. I'm not such a good dancer." You laugh. "That's a lie. I still remember you dancing a the party a couple of days ago. Let's go." He grabs your hand and pulls you up. He leads you to the dance floor. There were couples dancing everywhere. They were slow dancing. "Uh.. I've never slow dance before.." You tell Patch. "I haven't ether but just take my lead." He says as he softly puts his hands around your waist. His touch sent chills through your body. "Oh.." You feel a little surprised and nervous. Your put your hands on his shoulders and begin to sway back and forth with him. "Your not that bad." Patch says into your ear. "I know I'm impressed with myself." You say into his ear. He tightens his grip around you, pulling your closer. You felt warm in his arms, so your put your arms around his neck. It felt so right at the moment.
  13. The both of you continued to dance, arms around each other. Until something stopped him. He let go of you and turned around. Patch was standing in front of you, so you couldn't see who it was. You moved around him to see who it was. "What are you doing here with her." Jake said staring Patch down. "Not lying, and actually being a good guy to her." Patch snaps back. "Whats that suppose to mean?" Jake growled. "It means I'm not a lying scumbag who lies to a girl and hurts her." Patch yelled back. They stood only a foot apart, and at any second now one of them was going to throw a punch.
  14. So who's your number one guy right now?
  15. If he's not one of the other four. Chose the one down here.

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