The legendary element dragons quiz

There's many of dragon quizzes but have you ever thought of to be a god or goddesses dragon of a mythical creator? and have elemental powers and full descriptions? you can have fun in here bye checking out 8 possible answers and details that are suprising.

Do you have the mind of a prankster dragon ? or the cold evil heart of a dark element dragon? find out! Are you the evilist or the nice of teh bunch adn whast your element, thats sure to bring out a smile in you.

Created by: ersyle
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Yeah a very popular qu. but fav. element?
  2. Your fav. thing to do in the pool with your freinds or failmy.
  3. what do you do in your free time?
  4. fav. food?
  5. you find someone passed out on the sidewalk? whast your ideal thought?
  6. whats the pet you have in your house?
  7. something that your afraind of? be honest...
  8. do you ever feel bored constantly?!
  9. fav color... please dont kill me!
  10. you tired of the quiz yet? becuase i sorta am lol.

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