The keyboard quiz.

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You don`t realize it, but your keyboard is a very important piece of electronically equipment. You really don`t know how much you're using it, heck, you're using it right now!

Your keyboard takes a lot of abusment from you fingers, and after all you've done to it, do you even know anything about it??? At all?! Find out now or forever be hated by your keyboard!

Created by: 070085915
  1. What is the classic keyboard called?
  2. Which two key's are the furthest? (TRY NOT TO CHEAT ON THIS ONE)
  3. Who invented the QWERTY keyboard?
  4. Computer keyboards and typewriter keyboards are different.
  5. The Keyboard was an idea way before the computer was even invented.
  6. There is a difference from a gaming keyboard from a standard keyboard.
  7. All keyboards are black.
  8. Keyboards have been getting thinner and thinner as technology moves on.
  9. A touch screen key______ is considered what?
  10. You can play computer games without the keyboard.

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