the justin bieber quiz(ultimalte)

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okay, this quiz will show me 7 justin that you know something about him! show us what u got! if you are smart enuf for this, justin will love ya9he loves me more tho)

do YOU KNOW JUSTIN DREW? well, lets find out! i bet yu dont! so proove me wrong an dtake this quiz! onlya true jb fan will get a 100 on this quizzzzzzzz

Created by: kara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is justin's fave color?
  2. where is justin origionally from?
  3. what are his siblings names?
  4. what is his moms name?
  5. who signed him?
  6. why is he hawt(i just wanna know)
  7. what color are his eyes?
  8. what is his best friends name?
  9. what is his soccer nick name?
  10. what did usher tell him was important?
  11. what is his middle name?

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