do you really love justin bieber:) ?

i made this quiz because justin bieber rocks and he is hot if you dont like him you dont know what your missing if your a boy i understand but a girl goodness sake!

now you might not think justin bieber is everything but i do if you complete this quiz your just like me you know every thing you need to know i took the test i made one hundred percent but i did make the quiz

Created by: tristan of justin bieber lovers
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  1. do u kno wat his favorite color is ?
  2. how many of his songs do u kno speak truthfully !!
  3. how many times can u listen to one of his songs?
  4. why do you like him?
  5. when u first saw him what did u c in him?
  6. have u ever met him speak truthfully
  7. do u have any posters hanging up of him
  8. how many posters of him do u have if u do
  9. if youve met him how many times
  10. he is so hot do u think your right for him

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Quiz topic: Do I really love justin bieber:) ?