The Impossible quiz

This is the ultimate quiz of insanity. These questions are so ridiculously stupid that over 99.999% of people will fail! Will you? (Note: probably yes)

If you somehow mange to pass, either you are really lucky, or insane. if you tend to be an unlucky person, or if you tend to be lucky, contact you doctor about living in a local asylum or superstitious camp.

Created by: Jacob S. Koft
  1. First of: Am i hot?
  2. What happened on January 20, 2019?
  3. Do you consider yourself fat?
  4. What is a Whatfish?
  5. Burger king...
  6. Jolly Underweight Sumo tanks,Monochrome Overlords now Intercept Kai's Afforts
  7. Which weapon do you choose?
  8. Another question in the box below
  9. What is the worst thing to name you r child
  10. Finally, how will you rate this quiz?

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