the hardest quiz

oh man i hate these paragraphs so imma just coppy some things from the top or something you san skip this YOU CAN SKIP THIS. you are so gonna win imma going to be so proud of you and im going to send you..

lol im not going to send you anything i dont have anything to se;; silly duck im sorry if i got you thinking i was going to sell you somthing so hope you do good

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. so 2+2=
  2. waffels come on guess try to pick one of the most enjoyable colors down there
  3. harry potter ?
  4. lol
  5. is this hard yet
  6. soo tomato or tomato
  7. gotoquiz gotoquiz gotoquiz guess witch is spelled wrong
  8. what do you do when your bored in class
  9. grandma
  10. do you wanna comment
  11. do you wanna rate

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