you may be a godzilla fan but in 2009 you will take the ulteminte quiz **music plays** better not lose its here you can do it will never die no matter what who will win ME or YOU hopfully you win

coming right now 2009 everything bye xavier BETTER GET A HIGH SCORE quiz is on right now kay kay 2009 get readdy its coming better win the ulteminte quiz

Created by: xavier

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  1. Is Godzilla a Good guy or a Bad guy
  2. how many years has godzilla films go on?
  3. if Godzilla fought Clover who would win
  4. when will the Godzilla era end
  5. what will be the next film
  6. did Godzilla die in Invason of the Astro Monster?
  7. how many films does Godzilla have
  8. how many times did Varan apear in Destroy All Monsters
  9. who was the first to attack in destroy all monsters
  10. what is Godzilla?

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