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Avril is one of the best singers in the world and I love her so much!She's being a singer when she was 17(2002)and now she's 27.Her most famous songs are Girl Friend and What The Hell.

You want to know more about her songs lyrics?Please take this quiz.Because it has two good things in it:1-you'll know more about her songs' lyrics and 2:Your level up bar will upgrade!:D

Created by: dragon

  1. So,which Avril Lavigne's song is this?"Give me an A,always give me what i want.give me a V,be very very good to me.R,are you gonna treat me right?I,I can pot up a fight.Give me an L,let me hear you scream loud"
  2. Is this a part of My Happy Ending song?"You've got your dumb friends,I know what they said.They tell you I'm difficult,but so are they.."
  3. Sk8ter Boi or Girlfriend?"He's just a boy,and I'm just a girl,can I make it any more obvious,we are in love,havn't you heard?
  4. Continue:"I don't have to try,to make you realize.."
  5. Smile,Wish You Were Here or I Love You?"Do you feel me do you feel me,do you feel what I feel too.Do you need,do you need me,do you need me"
  6. So these questions are so easy!
  7. Continue:He was boy..
  8. Continue:I like your smile
  9. What song is this?"Her feelings she hides,her dreams she can't find,she's losing her mind,she's fallen behind..
  10. continue this lyrics too:Everybody hurts some days..
  11. This is the end of this quiz,bye!:)

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