The Happy Quiz!

The Happy Quiz will make sure you're always happy all the time! If you're sad, angry, depressed, annoyed or just down right bored this is the quiz for you!

I'm sure you'll like the results and you have a good time doing this quiz! You really deserve a good time so never ever let yourself feel like this! Have fun!

Created by: juliette

  1. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen!
  2. You are such a nice person and you are lovely! :)
  3. Your so smart you must be like a genius!
  4. Your gonna become famous when you grow up cause your so lovely!
  5. Are you happy?
  6. Your the most wonderful person I've ever ever met! honestly!
  7. Heaps of people probably crush on you cos your so sweet and pretty on the inside and out!
  8. You know that person behind you? They adore you! Give them a big hug to show you care!
  9. If you're ever ever bored again, just take this quiz! It's sure to cheer you up!
  10. Its time to say goodbye! Ready to see your results? Since your are the best person ever I'm sure you'll get fantastic results!

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