The Halogen Quiz

There are many people who have a gift. Not art, not sport nor maths, but a gift of science! This quiz is to test your gift of science! You don't need a gift, what matters is to try your best!

If you have a gift of science or very good at science, don't stop learning, don't stop understanding! The fact that you are good at science will stay with you until you die! You must use it to the fullest!

Created by: Matthew.B
  1. What is the first halogen from up to down in the column?
  2. Which halogen element is at the very bottom of the Halogen Column?
  3. Which halogen element has the chemical symbol: Br?
  4. What halogen element (besides Fluorine) has only one letter in their chemical symbol?
  5. Fill in the blank: The only element with three letters in their chemical symbol is _______________
  6. Fill in the blank: All halogens have a ionic charge of ____
  7. We have a small percentage of Iodine in our bodies, true or false?
  8. Which halogen combined with Sodium makes Sodium Fluoride?
  9. Potassium and a halogen go to form Potassium Chloride, which halogen is this?
  10. Fill in the blank: Sodium and _____ goes to form Sodium Bromide
  11. Ununseptium was discovered how many years after Bromine was discovered?

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