The Gun smarts quiz

You think you know alot about guns? You think you can answer correctly with the stress of a gun quiz? all the answers, all the choices. Some are good, but others are better and earn you more points, so can you take it? well, are you feeling, punk?

Well, give this quiz a go and see how gun smart you are, see if you can take on the stress of all the answers. Oh, and if you get your gun smarts from Call of duty 4, DO NOT PLAY THIS, BECAUSE YOU WILL MOST LIKELY FAIL. Just to make that clear.

Created by: yellowmadness54
  1. How big is the 50 calliber shell? and is the 20mm bigger
  2. what does the Panzerfaust shoot? (its a german anti-tank gun)
  3. what does HK, a german weapon making company, stand for?
  4. Which of these are actual HK weapon
  5. What is a desert eagle
  6. What rounds does the Desert Eagle HANDGUN shoot?
  7. Do the guns in CoD4 (call of duty 4) truely compare and can they be compared to real guns?
  8. what does " ACOG" stand for?
  9. What is the difference between the AK-47 and the AK-74
  10. How long can you fire an M2 Flamethrower fire continues until out of ammo
  11. what is a Gyrojet?
  12. What company made the P90?
  13. What is the USAS 12?
  14. What is the AA-12?
  15. who makes better (not opinion) guns?
  16. What round does the Dragonuv SVD fire?
  17. Which of these is a semi automatic, russian shotgun
  18. Which would be better to snipe with
  19. What is an SMG?
  20. whats the difference between a MAC-10 and an Uzi?

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