The Gamers Quiz

There are many gamers, but some think they know more than they do! Maybe you are just a casual gamer. Maybe you are an Uber gamer. Who knows? The quiz will tell you.

Are you a Casual gamer? Are you a l33t gamer? are you so dumb that you dont even know what Halo is? Thanks to this great quiz, your true gaming knowledge will be brought out!

Created by: Fox

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many hours do you play video games in one week on average
  2. How many consoles do you own? (including pc if you have games for it)
  3. How many days of the week do you do excersize/workout (for at least 20 minutes)?
  4. How many games do you own (approximately)?
  5. Do you know what Counter Strike is?
  6. Do you know what Xfire is?
  7. Do you know what Ventrilo or Teamspeak are?
  8. Do you Pwn t3h n00bz
  9. Which Console series does Sony make?
  10. What type of game is World of Warcraft?
  11. What Kind of Gamer do you think you are?

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