The Galileo Galilei Quiz!!

Some people think they know every thing when they have not even heard of Galileo Galilei. If you are one of those people then start my quiz and see if you can actually know every thing even Galileo.

So you think you know Galileo Galilei? Do you want to find out if you know Galileo Galilei? Well if you want to find out the answers to these questions and much more questions try my quiz and you will find out!!!

Created by: Cameron Wells

  1. What year was Galileo Born?
  2. Who did Galileo have a brief relationship with?
  3. Where is Galileo's body buried?
  4. What was Galileos son named?
  5. What does 'Telescope' mean?
  6. What magnification was Galileos telescope?
  7. How long was Galileo sentenced to house arrest?
  8. What age did Galileo lose his eye site?
  9. What age did Galileo die at?
  10. What year did Galileo see the first Sup---ova?
  11. What month was Galileo born?

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