The Fritz The Cat Quiz ;)

Take the coolest, most epic, most interestingly spectacular quiz all about the one of a kind risqué rascal.... Fritz The Cat!! Are you a movie lover at heart?? Well see if you can recall the answers to this test!!

This film was definitely NOT made intentional for children, as if you have seen it, you probably can tell why. But many people have respect for such animation... As there is not many out there in America like it. Without Fritz, there would be no South park, Beavis and Butthead.... So..... Enjoy!!! ;)

Created by: Kaylee

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  1. Who is the creator of Fritz the cat??
  2. What is the name of Fritz's fiancée/ wife??
  3. What does Fritz do for a living in the first Fritz the cat film??
  4. What is the name of Fritz's son in The 9 Lives Of Fritz The Cat??
  5. What was the main reason that this film was made popular back in the day??
  6. Who is Duke??
  7. What does Winston order at the restraunt while on a roadtrip with Fritz?
  8. What is Fritz's famous quote??
  9. What is one characteristic most people admire about Fritz?
  10. Who produced/ directed Fritz the cat??
  11. What are some other animated movies Ralph Bakshi has produced??
  12. Should they make a third film to the Fritz franchise??
  13. Did you like this quiz??
  14. I hope you'll rate it!!
  15. Thanks for doing this quiz!! ;)

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