The emo test - r u emo???????

You get called emo at school, your parents are worried about your health and your teachers hate your guts - you hate your guts but are you really emo, if you take one look at blood and puke up in your mouth then u you shoulf probably get off this quiz now however if you happily stare at blood all day long then read on...

Thanks to this quiz you can find out finally whether you are a true emo or just a poser, pretending for the attention. So put down your guitar pick, knife or pen and find out whether you are a true emo...

Created by: teej
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these would be ur 1st music choice?
  2. R u or hav u ever been in a rock band
  3. have you ever cut urself
  4. How often do u cry???
  5. do u think u r emo
  6. does ur hair cover one of ur eyes
  7. have u seen the grudge??
  8. Do u draw blood or anything dark
  9. y did u take dis quiz
  10. do u hate urself

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