The dragon quiz

Sorry not my best quiz! But I still worked alot on it. Very short I know. I hope you like your dragon btw if you like this quiz i'll make some more quizzes that you can take.

Hi! anyung!! Ohio kojangimas. I have nothing to say I have nothing to say this is the song where I have nothing to say to you!!!!! Bye. Anyung! Sayonarra

Created by: weathermaker101

  1. Hello so what color would be your dragon?
  2. Loyal or protective
  3. Friendly meter
  4. How much are you willing to feed it???
  5. Do you want your dragon to party... sorry
  6. Willing to give it lots of excersise?
  7. I don't care if you rate. But I do like comments...
  8. Okay I admit I have no more questions sorry
  9. Oh wait here's a question do you trust your dragon?
  10. Bye I hope you like the quiz

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