The Boys Character Quiz: Which one are you?

What Boys character are you? Find out for yourself...I don't have anything else so... gefhgdshgfhjdgsfjghsdhfgdshgfjdgshfhgdshgfhdsgfhgdfgdhgfggdfhgdh


Created by: Colby

  1. What is your prefered color?
  2. Are you the smartest of the Boys? Be honest.
  3. Do you try to make things as perfect as possible?
  4. Who is your favorite Boys character? (other than you)
  5. When are you most serious?
  6. Whats your favorite game out of these?
  7. What streaming or video app do you prefer out of these?
  8. What level of fighter are you?
  9. Do you simp for pokimaine?
  10. Deez Nuts, LOL, or Your Adopted?
  11. Are you Spoiled?
  12. Test-(this will not count as anything)What is the definition of The Boys?

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Quiz topic: The Boys Character Quiz: Which one am I?