The Bored Quiz~

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I'm so bored that my brain was like "Whatcha gonna think of now?" And I was like "I don't know, you? And my brain was like " I don't know either! Why'd you think I asked you that question! Huh?!"

So I'm just literally bored that's why I made this quiz, are you bored too? I know, you are bored. But, are you as bored as I am? Read that backwards it still makes sense. Anyways enjoy!

Created by: Charlie Philips

  1. Are you ready?!
  2. How many cookies can fit in your mouth?
  3. I got two phones, one for ma' mom and?
  4. I have a pen, and an apple...
  5. I have pen and a pineapple...
  6. are you?
  7. OMG! I just realised something!
  8. I'M BORED!
  9. What are you doing, man?
  10. Hello!
  11. Oh wait...I meant to say bye!

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