The 'Bog Bodies"

There have been numerous "˜Bog Bodies' discovered all across Europe, the purpose of this quiz is to give you a sound understanding about what the""˜Bog Bodies'" are.

("Select the most correct answer for each of the following questions".) EG: select answer "A", "B", "C" or "D". Or, Select "True" of "False"........

Created by: Kirrin
  1. Which of the following places have the "˜Bog Bodies' not been found?
  2. What are the "˜Bog bodies'?
  3. Are the "˜Bog Bodies' more preserved then the Egyptian mummies?
  4. What prevented the 'Bog Bodies' from decaying?
  5. Which of the following is not considered a valid reason for why the bodies ended up in the bog?
  6. Which of the following injuries was not sustained by Lindow man?
  7. What was Elling Woman's cause of death?
  8. What dating method was used on Oldcroghan man?
  9. What was found on Oldcroghan man?
  10. What is Elling woman famous for?
  11. In what decade was Lindow man discovered?
  12. Where is Lindow man now?
  13. What colour hair did Yda girl have?
  14. What was Lindow mans occupation?
  15. Are there bog bodies in Australia?
  16. Did the bog bodies suffered violent deaths?
  17. Which of the following forensic methods are commonly used on "˜Bog Bodies'?

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