The better or worse cirque du freak quiz

This quiz will show how much you know about the vampire universe and the times of Destiny, but also will show if you are a worthy vampire, and if the vampire clan can trust you in the war of scars.

The princes are now to decided upon your opinions of the vampire clan. Your time has come to enter the hall of princes and take on your Destiny. Are you ready to face the princes?

Created by: Charlotte Clark

  1. Which Mentor is better?
  2. Which trader is better?
  3. Which mate is better?
  4. Which of Larten Crepsley's "sons" is better?
  5. Which place is better?
  6. Trio is better?
  7. Which clan is better?
  8. Which would you rather have see into your future?
  9. Which sons of Destiny is better?
  10. Have you read all the books and watched the movie?

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