"the Saga Of Darren Shan" (books)

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This book is about a 14 years old guy who became a vampire to save his friend. The friend wanted to be a vampire but a man named"mr. Kerpsley"told him that he couldn't be a vampire.

When Darren became a vampire by mr. Kerpsley to save his friend, the friend got angry, really angry. He thought:"I wanted to be a vampire, now Darren is a vampire!? I should be. Not him!"so he tries to kill Darren and mr. Kerpsley..

Created by: dragon

  1. Hello!50%you know that this book is a about a 14years old boy named Darren and he gets a vampires to save his best friend! Are you ready to answer this questions?
  2. Was Darren a vampire from the beging of the story?
  3. Where does the story starts?
  4. Who was Darren's bestfriend when he was 14?
  5. Who is "annie"?
  6. How old is Steve's son in the 12th book?
  7. Hey! Who's Steve?
  8. Why Darren became a vampire?
  9. Now, who's mr. Kerpsley?
  10. Is Debby a human?
  11. Vampires grow up a year every... Years!!
  12. "the saga of Darren shan"writtin by:
  13. This quiz is finish!!! If you didn't read this book, please read it! It's awesome!

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