The best zombie quiz please try

Are you ready for a zombie apocolypse? Lets find out. This quiz will put you in a series of events and test your knowledge of zombles! (Yes, ZO-M-B-L-E-S)

Do YOU have the smarts to survive? Lets find out! Once you have aswered this small quiz, you will find out if you are prepared!

Created by: Joe

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  1. You turn on the T.V to see your town overun by zombies. Do you...
  2. You board up your house, only to see 10 shambling undead break your barricades down. What do you do?
  3. Ok, time for some zombie trivia! How do you kill a zombie?
  4. Are zombies fast or slow?
  5. How is the virus transmitted?
  6. What kind of food should you stock up?
  7. Back to the quiz! You see a group, you have room for one more. Who do you take?
  8. Can you improvise on weapons? If so, which one is the best improvised weapon?
  9. Which one?
  10. Where would you hold up and with who?

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