There are a lot of people out there who think that they are truly think that they are WWE superfans. A WWE superfan is a person who can easily score a %100 on this quiz.

Do you think that you are a true WWE superfan. After you take this quiz you will be able to know for sure, and if your not down with that then we got two words for you "TAKE IT!"

Created by: JEFFY

  1. What year was the first WWE title created?
  2. When did JBL quit?
  3. How many times has Christian been a world champion?
  4. In WWE,who is Vince McMahon's son?
  5. How many titles has Edge won?
  6. Who was the final cruiserweight champion?
  7. Who is Vince McMahon's chosen one.
  8. Who was the first WWE champion?
  9. Who was the first World Heavyweight champion?
  10. Who was the first Intercontenental champion?
  11. Who was the first U.S. champion?
  12. What Elimation Chamber did edge retian his World Heavyweight Championship.
  13. How many years apart are Matt and Jeff Hardy in age?
  14. Who were the first tag team champians?

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