The Beauty Quiz

Hi, my name's Abby! I made this test for fun after seeing so many tests that didn't seem to ask fair questions like "Do you have a boyfriend?" which shouldn't change your beauty. So I decided to ask questions about your actual facial features.

Take the quiz to find out if YOU are beautiful! If you don't understand some words just google them. Words like "Aquiline Nose" or what "Hollywood Lips" are.

Created by: Abby

  1. What color eyes do you have?
  2. What natural color is your hair?
  3. What length is your hair?
  4. What kind of nose do you have?
  5. What kind of lips do you have?
  6. What kind of ear lobes do you have?
  7. Do you have bangs?
  8. What shape is your face?
  9. What type of hair do you have?
  10. What kind of chin do you have?
  11. What is your eye shape?
  12. Do you have freckles?
  13. How tall are you?

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