The Anti-Communism quiz

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This quiz is intended to measure the degree to which users oppose far left ideologies and for what reasons for those beliefs. It is not the be all and end all.

This quiz also uses some of the indicators of anti communism as opposed to only asking questions about yourself. This is intended to avoid sway by cognitive biases.

Created by: Roh Tae Woo
  1. Revolution is often positive
  2. Which of these opinions aligns with your opinion the most.
  3. The workers should seize the means of production
  4. Reactionary conservatives are the biggest cause of the lagging behind of societal developments
  5. Which of these countries is the most anti communist?
  6. South korea was invaded by North korea what is the right response for the un to take.
  7. Is socialism good?
  8. I am religious
  9. I would support the creation of militia to suppress communist activities.
  10. The holodomor was stalins fault
  11. The Holodomor was a genocide
  12. I would support Poland in the polish soviet war
  13. I would support Chiang Kai shek in the Chinese Civil war
  14. I would support the Greek Junta in the Greek civil war
  15. I disagree with communism on multiple levels.

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