The American Dream

Are people living the American Dream or is the idea dead because of the recession? This quiz will help me find out the answer. If people still have the American dream.

By doing this quiz we will find out. If you still have the American dream or not to be successful in the USA. Even if We are still in a recession now.

Created by: Howard A
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  1. Is the American dream still alive in the USA?
  2. Is the recession over in the USA?
  3. What challenges did you face in the economy because of the recession?
  4. How did you overcome these challenges?
  5. How much has the USA suffer in the recession?
  6. Can the USA come back from the recession?
  7. If you lack confidence how does that affect you in the recession to reach your American dream?
  8. Do you know someone that is having trouble in the recession?
  9. What keeps you going on in the recession?
  10. Is your American dream still alive?

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