The am i fat quiz?

there are many fattys in the world like me weighing in at 31 stone i love being fat and wanna get bigger some dont but do you worry about your weight when you dont need to.

are you fat take the quiz to see if you are fat and pround slim but contions or skinny and happy follow the easy steps and you will be finished in no time so come on and find out !!!!

Created by: Ellie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you think you are fat?
  2. can you see your toes?
  3. how many times do you eat in a day?
  4. wat is an ideal meal at macdonalds?
  5. how many fat rolls do you have?
  6. what size shirt do you wear?
  7. do you wanna be fat or get fatter?
  8. have you got a fat or beer belly?
  9. like me are you chubby and wanna be enormouse eat loads and love being fat?
  10. right now you are?
  11. you wanna be like?
  12. if you could do any thing what wuld it be?

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