The 18-wheeler quiz.

This is a quiz about 18-wheelers take it to find out how much or how little you know about the pieces of art. Hope you enjoy and do some research.

This quiz involves mostly the basic such as makes and models I left out the gearboxes and what specific engine go in what model due to the fact that they use different engine even in same models.

Created by: SN1P3RL4ZY

  1. The t660 is manufactured by which company?
  2. The R500 scania has what kind of engine?
  3. What animal is the signature of the Mack trucking company?
  4. The n14 engine is made by which company?
  5. Which of these are made by freightliner?
  6. The c-12, and c-16 are made by?
  7. What company makes the eagle?
  8. Which of these are made by peterbilt?
  9. The magnum 440 is made by which company?
  10. The tgs 27-440 is made by which company?
  11. The axor is made by which company?

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