tha docter of cows

There are only a couple good cow docters in this world. It takes good skills as well as mind power. What is a cow Docter you ask? It is that guy you see that you always want to know. you must be cool to be one. you also must be a favorite of many people. you have to be very cool.

Are you a Cow Docter? Do you have the skills to be the best friend and a overall good guy? If you want to know how good of a friend you are and how much better you are than everyone else answer the questions. Take this quiz and you can find out how aesome you are.

Created by: Ry Brater

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you do on sundays
  2. what do you do for a living
  3. when do you go hunting
  4. where do you live
  5. what are your hobbies
  6. how big is your house
  7. what time is it right now
  8. were you confused by the last question
  9. did you love this quiz
  10. where were you born

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