How Crazy Are You?

There are many crazy people, but few true phycos. How can we really know who is crazy and who just does it for attention? How do we know that homeless man is crazy as a wet squirrel or if he's just trying to get some free booze?

Docter Tripp is here and I know all about crazy. Test my knollege, I'll point out the fakers from those who wish they were faking. I'll point out the people who are trying to be crazy, and those who don't even know there crazy! If anyone could figure this out, it would be me. Try me, I'll surprise you I promise or your money back.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
When your hungrey the first food you think of is...
Pizza and Bread Sticks
Sushi and Miso Soup
Burger and Fries
Sandwich with potato chips smashed inside
Pasta and Garlic Bread
Crackers and Juice
Your idea of a fun day is....
Exersizing and reading a nice book
Watching TV and playing video games
Drinking, Smoking, Smoking, and Passing out
I have no idea
Sleep, Eat, Drink, Piss, S---, Sleep, Eat....
Staring at a wall
Your sleep around ____ a night....
Zero hours
1-3 hours
3-5 hours
5-7 hours
7-9 hours
9 + hours
If you had to do it all again you would....
"Correct" your mistakes
"Prevent" your mistakes from ever happening
Create a entirely new direction in your life
Tell past self upcoming lottery numbers, mistakes or not your going to be rich who cares
End it all as to prevent all damage you've done to the world
If you were a superhero who would you be?
What is your favorite soda?
Mountin Dew
Mello Yellow
Which one of these movies do you like the most?
Sword Fish
Dawn of the Dead
Bruce Almighty
Resident Evil
Saw 1 or 2
Meet the Fockers
If the some unknown force made you choose, and you HAD to choose a final fate for the world what would you pick....
Mega Nucular Attacks (I want to go quick and painless)
Another Black Plague (Like the Bird Flu)
Jesus's Return (Anti-Christs rain on earth for 7 years)
Zombies (were all eatin alive)
Ozone disapearing we all fry to death in a instant
President Bush is Relected (we'll die from his mistakes eventually)
You think rocks are....
Worth taking a look at
A good weapon
A tasty snack
Just rocks
Mother natures way of saying "I hope you trip and fall on your face you bastards"
What's a rock?
If The Hulk, Juggernot, Wolverene, Govener Arnald, Chuck Norris, and a Rock all got into one big fight, who do you think would win?
The Hulk
Govener Arnald
Chuck Norris
A Rock
What kind of Liquar do you drink?
If a plane, with you (1), your friends and family(say 20 of them) and a hundred passangers were to crash and a unknown magic force were to grant you these possiblitys for saving some lives what would you pick...
Save a hundred passangers (not friends or family or yourself)
Save yourself (not the passangers, family, or friends)
Save your Family
Save your friends
Save no one
If you were granted one wish, but you had to choose from these six wishs, which one would you pick?
A superhero of your choice
Be a billionare
Change reality and live in a tv show of your choice as a charecter of your choice
Change reality and live in a movie of your choice as a charecter of your choice
To be king of the world
To have a rock
If you were a rock your mentality would be......
MAN! I'm a rock
man i hope somone throws me
Man i hope someone chews on me
am i falling or laying or flying or what, man, i can't see a thing
Chuck Norris
Would you rather have a humongus right hand, or a humongus left foot?
Left Foot
Right Hand
What color is your eyes?
Dark almost black
I don't know i can't see them
If you were a animal what animal would you be?
A Cheetah
A Eagle
A dolphin
A Rock
A Monkey
Chuck Norris
Why do you hate me?
Cause your White
Cause your Black
Cause your Mexican
Cause your Asian
Cause your a Rock
Cause your Chuck Norris
What is your favorite cookie?
Peanut Butter
I don't like cookies
Chuck Norris
When chuck norris does a push up he...
Passes gas
Pushs himself up
Pushs the world down
Stops world hunger
Makes world Peace
What do you do the most?
Smoke Ciggerretes
Watch Tv
Your girl ;-)
If you had to grow another body part to save your mothers life and you had to choose from one of these options what would you pick...
A extra arm
A extra face
A extra eye
A extra butt cheek
A extra nose
37 extra toes
You think your as crazy as...
A Mentaly Handicapped Ninja
A man with no legs and no arms forgotten in a basement with no one around for miles stuck with your back against the wall with a itch on your chest
A fox
A Rock
No one, i'm not crazy
Chuck Norris
When you poop you take about...
0-1 minutes
1-5 minutes
5-10 minutes
10-30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60 + minutes
You think myspace is...
Just another p--- site
Just another e-mail adress
Just a way for people to pretend there cool
A way to actualy meet old and new friends
What space? My Space? I don't have a space, who are?!
What kind of ciggerrettes do you smoke?
I don't smoke
Cheap Ones
You love long quizs
I'm taking a quiz?
I don't really care
Chuck Norris
If you were forced to eat a fetus and you were given a selection, you HAVE TO choose or you, your family, everyone you know will die, what fetus would you eat (just pick one)
fetus with old bay, garlic, and lemon pepper. Fried with mushrooms green,yellow, and red peppers, with a sweet curry mango sauce with sun driend fetus flakes sprinkled on top
Grilled fetus with scallions, peppers and onions, with some A1 sauce
Straight up plain baked fetus
Fetus with water and soy sauce
Raw fresh out of the womb fetus
Finaly, you think the end of the world is just a couple of months away...
Longer then that
Sooner then that
Any day now
Never going to happen

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